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160 Teachers in 16 Countries

WuJi Gong Summer Retreat
Bordeaux France 4th - 10th July 2014

The SIMPLEST to learn most POWERFUL form of
Qi Gong on the Planet Today

Why spend months learning when this has it all?

Calms Your Mind
Any age 8 to 80
Improve Your Posture
Sleep Deeply Wake Refreshed
Only take 15 minutes to practice
Ideal for very busy stressed people
Secretly practiced for 800 years by Qi masters
Ideal for people who find difficulty feeling Chi/Qi

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  International Class Schedules  
  2 & 3 august 2014  
  CE ESTE PRIMORDIAL TAI CHI? PRIMORDIAL TAI CHI are ca scop conectarea cu sinele nostru profund, cu eul nostru intelept, lasandu-l, pas cu pas, se se manifeste in viata noastra.  
  Contact - Cornel Pasare

  9-10 August 2014  
  Wu Ji Gong Beginners class in Ängelholm Saturday; 10-16 Sunday 10-15 price: 2 000 kr  
  Contact - Carina Andersson

  Grundkursus København 13. og 14. september 2014  
  Lær den dejlige wuji gong form på en weekend. Nørrebro, København. Lø 10-17, sø 10-16. For nærmere oplysninger kontakt Lis Værgman 26714206.  
  Contact - Lis Værgman

  4 -5 october  
  Wu Ji Gong Beginners weekend in Ängelholm Saturday; 10-16 Sunday; 10-15 Price: 2 000 kr  
  Contact - Carina Andersson

  15-16 November 2014  
  Wu Ji Gong Weekend - In depth, held by Andrew Fretwell in Ängelholm Sweden. Sat; 10-18 Sund; 10-18 Price: 2 500 kr  
  Contact - Carina Andersson

  15th & 16th November  
  Deeper WuJi Gong course with Andrew Fretwell in Ängelholm Sweden. This course is required if you want to apply for teacher training. Contact Carina Andersson to reserve your place +46 709- 52 77 51  
  Contact - Carina Andersson



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